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Policy management systems compromised by group CTAIMA.


CTAIMA outsourcing & consulting S.L. is a company of services of consulting, outsourcing, training and software development. Our customers have in common the desire to improve their management methods and their positions through the implementation of efficient methodologies and innovative software applications.


CTAIMA situates his vision of the future to reach a position of leadership in its sphere of influence, consolidating itself as a modern organization, committed to its corporate values, and recognized by a high quality of services, for innovation and for the technical training.


You opt for two basic approaches:

  • the orientation towards results and
  • orientation to the customer
Ensuring the prevention of damage and the deterioration of health.


Therefore, establishing a Strategic Plan that acts as a frame of reference in the definition of corporate objectives, being aware of the context in which the Organization and deployment to different levels of the Organization are aligned with the management by processes, are periodically evaluated the results and - motivated by the challenge of continuously improve - learn.

We are aware that to succeed we need to count not only with the total involvement of the employees but also with their enthusiasm, as well as achieve the recognition of our customers and ensure the profitability of the project.


The management system is an essential tool for progressively orienting our processes towards excellence and should allow us to achieve the following objectives:

  • Ensure the satisfaction of the customer, establishing methods that guarantee a good understanding of their needs, a personalised service and a contribution of added value.
  • Considered relevant partners for innovation and improving our services and processes to our clients, collaborators and competitors.
  • Strengthen the critical success factors that allow us to highlight our competition.
  • Establish a culture of satisfaction of "internal customer" that allows to improve the interrelationship between processes.
  • Implement methods of individual knowledge and knowledge management corporate - based in the improvement, development and learning, which will allow us to dispose of highly qualified professionals and at the same time sharing knowledge.
  • Develop an internal environment of trust, teamwork and communication that fosters leadership, motivation, involvement, inspiration and personal development.
  • Contribute to the improvement, both of healthy work environments such as petitions, considering primarily those aspects that have impact on the risks at the workplace, as well as the habits of life of our employees, promoting health in the working area depending on the epidemiological characteristics of the collective community.

Commitment to address

The direction feels fully committed to these objectives, as well as the legal requirements, the requirements of our management system with the requirements related to healthy work environments, so will ensure the consolidation of the same contributing resources and reviewing them periodically for improvement based on the results.