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CTAIMA experts perform tasks associated with the Contractor Management such as training, advisory service, auditing, inspection, etc.

The company contracts, partially or totally in the format required, an expert from the CTAIMA team to perform tasks involved in coordination: document management, training, inspections, etc., with the added value of the experience and flexibility of the CTAIMA team.


CTAIMA's purpose goes beyond simple document management. Members of the CTAIMA team—from experts in risk prevention and security technicians to business coordinators—perform field surveys to verify the performance of the actions that are recorded on paper. They also guarantee success in line with excellence in risk prevention and in completing the loop by combining the CTAIMACAE.net software, on-site staff and know-how and experience in Contractor Management Services. This results in the desired added value during stoppages. CTAIMA takes up the role of sole service provider, integrating stoppages to provide value that makes a difference in Contractor Management Services, and performing field inspections to check what has already been validated on paper and in the software.


The added value that sets the CTAIMA team apart comes from its comprehensive approach to Health & Safety by Contractor Management.

The management of construction work and projects must be performed by experienced professionals with the expertise required to plan and implement the projects successfully. CTAIMA provides companies with professional staff to plan the construction work and projects.

If you are interested in our outsourcing services and discovering the advantages of using a sole integrated service provider such as CTAIMA, please contact us by phone on (+34) 902 105 163 or by sending an e-mail to ctaima@ctaima.com