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Occupational risk prevention


The Health and Safety at work Framework Council Directive 89/391  transferred to the Spanish Law through the Law 31/1995, in order to regulate the application of Health & Safety measures in the workplace.
Achieving the required safety levels at a work site with workers from various companies can become a complicated task if there is inadequate Contractor Management. Law 31/1995, of 8th November, on the prevention of work hazards, covers this particular situation, and it establishes a series of measures to be adopted, placing special emphasis on the Contractor Management. This means that information must match reality, always be updated, and meet the regulatory requirements.

Supervising compliance with legal requirements for a company that contracts services ("project owner") that could result in several parties performing activities in one work location requires the use and coordination of many resources. To overcome this challenge, it is particularly useful to have a web application that optimises document flows, the evaluation method and the storage organisation of the large quantity of information produced by this Contractor Management, making these procedures automatic.

Our web application is intended to control all the elements involved in the Contractor Management activities. This includes processing requests for documents, receiving them, archiving them, modifying them and evaluating them. The application prioritizes automatic validations or digital validations depending on the technology available, performs confirmations in real time and manages information exchange in order to safeguard: 

Action for risk prevention
• Working methods for companies performing activities simultaneously on a work site
• The interactions between the different activities performed at the work site
• The occupational risks existing at the work site