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Iolanda Gatell

CTAIMA featured in Cinco Días

On Wednesday 26th March, CTAIMA was featured in the Spanish Financial Newspaper Cinco Días. The article titled: “CTAIMA means a (r)evolution in Consultancy” was included in a special report about Technology and Cloud Services.

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CTAIMA Launches CTAIMACAE.com English Website

At CTAIMA Outsourcing & Consulting is inviting visitors to explore its new English version of www.ctaimacae.com/en . CTAIMA spotlights the importance of English communication in international business, due to its global expansion and presence in Germany, Italy, Portugal and UK.

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CTAIMA Outsourcing & Consulting expands in Germany

CTAIMACAE.net, a leader in contractors management Software as a Service, is continuing its expansion this spring by operating in German automotive industry market.

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