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CTAIMACAE.net services adapt to the specific requirements of each and every client. CTAIMA offers the opportunity for you to partially or totally contract out your business coordination to agents with a proven track record in our team, specialising in preventing occupational hazards.

The client chooses the level of contracting out to be applied, and has the option to include a series of services offered by CTAIMA to streamline the implementation of software or to contract out Contractor Management tasks ranging from software with no services all the way though to a comprehensive turnkey coordination solution.

Below you will find some of our advice and software implementation services. These are provided to streamline the implementation as much as possible and make the most of the on-line tool's potential.


Consulting for Contractor Management

This provides an improved system for managing contractors. Together with the client, a CTAIMA consultant examines the processes involved in the Contractor Management.

Set-up and beginning to use the software

This streamlines the implementation of the program to the full. A CTAIMA consultant sets up the software and adapts it to the clients’ working methods.

Initial uploading of data

A CTAIMA consultant performs the initial upload of data for contractors, workers and vehicles.


Sessions are arranged for CTAIMA to provide training on the customisation and use of the software at different levels of use, with the aim of speeding up its implementation and the use of the program.

Customer service for contractors

CTAIMA provides contractors and sub-contractors with customer service over the phone and via e-mail to respond to any doubts and queries that any user may have.

Changes in the program or connecting the software with other programs

It is possible to expand the software or for it to exchange data with other IT tools through interfaces, although each request needs to be analysed independently.


While setting up CTAIMACAE.net, we can provide you with other services. Please enquire to find out more.


Document management

Our team of qualified occupational hazard prevention agents with a proven track record is responsible for validating documentation for contractors.

Automatic validation of social insurance reports

This service enables automatic validation of social insurance reports for contractors and their associated employees. To do so, it confirms the authenticity and format of the document as well as the data it contains, which SIMPLIFIES THE MANAGEMENT of this documentation requirement for contractors.

Telephone help desk service for contractors

We provide an advisor specialising in occupational hazard prevention to respond to possible enquiries from a service company or any of the CLIENT’s users during office hours (08:00 to 18:00).

Support staff (outsourcing) for coordination of Contractors Management

The company contracts, partially or totally as required, an expert from the CTAIMA team to perform tasks involved in coordination: document management, training, inspections, etc., with the added value of the experience and flexibility of the CTAIMA team.

Consulting service for integrating and improving the coordination of your management system

Agents from the CTAIMA team carry out research to evaluate coordination system improvements that could be integrated within the company’s management system.

Consulting service for inspecting and auditing contractors

Agents from the CTAIMA team perform inspections on-site to check work performed by the contractors, which includes creating and providing incident reports.

Consulting service for the standardisation of criteria in multisite companies

Agents from the CTAIMA team prepare a report with a combination of different criteria for the standardisation of the different work sites belonging to a company.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us by calling (+34) 902 105 163 or sending an e-mail to ctaima@ctaima.com