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At CTAIMA Outsourcing & Consulting, S.L we are a services consulting firm that operates in Quality control, Environment, Health and Safety.

We offer comprehensive solutions in modules through innovative software, which are supported by the know-how and experience of the qualified staff that deliver our services.

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One of our business lines specialises in providing solutions for Contractor Management and Health & Safety. CTAIMACAE.net is currently being used by over 101.671 companies and 146.904 users, with around 763.887 employees managed. The main areas we operate in are the industrial and services sectors (chemical industry, petrochemicals, paper production, automotive, food, energy, and others).

CTAIMA's commitment to continue evolving beyond the requirements of our clients has placed CTAIMACAE.net at the forefront of the Spanish market. Many companies have placed their trust in CTAIMACAE.net as a comprehensive tool for efficient management of their Contractor's Occupational Safety. They place this trust in us because our response completely matches legal requirements, as well as our expertise in all relevant areas for excellence in prevention of occupational risks for companies that demand the most: cultural factors, risk prevention measures, etc. Our portfolio of clients is the best guarantee of the quality of our services.

CTAIMA is more than just an occupational safety company specialising in Contractor Management. The activities CTAIMA carries out in its daily business go beyond simple document management. The software package, together with our CTAIMACAE.com employees, will offer a new perspective on Health & Safety and create the added value that comes from efficient contractor management expertise. Our software is accompanied by a wide range of modules and services for both project owners and contractors, and can be tailored to each specific context. This makes CTAIMA an ideal partner that you can place your trust in, a partner that offers a global service, a 360 degree service.